Lyn Judge and Bruce Green

“Our son has been a participant at Dancing Hearts Studio Inc for over two years and loves to attend each week.
He has taken part in two major end-of-year concerts and various other concerts and social events with the group. In doing so he has been given the opportunity to further his interest in music and movement in a creative, friendly and secure environment.
The program has enabled him, in the context of a severe language delay and moderate intellectual disability, to experience the joy of taking part in a group activity and working with friends and peers in achieving the goal of a great performance at the end of the year.
Specifically the group offers the following:

1. Interesting choreography suited to the participants’ abilities.

2. Exposure to well selected and enjoyable musical pieces.

3. A structured setting.

4. Variety in the dance themes.

5. The opportunity to improve listening and communication.

6. The opportunity to socialise in a supported and safe environment.

The teacher and volunteers at Dancing Hearts are dedicated to bringing the joy of dance and the social advantages associated with it to members of the community with disabilities.
Dancing Hearts Studio Inc is an outstanding achievement for Liliana and others associated with its development.”

Sandra Casinader and David Beavis

“My husband and I have two children Kingsley (10 years old) and Indira (8 years old). Both Kingsley & Indira have autism which means they find it difficult to receive process and respond to information. It also affects their coordination and body awareness.

Without doubt the most heartbreaking aspect of autism is the challenge Kingsley and Indira’s have in making connections with other people. They have struggled with the basic social skills to engage and maintain an interaction.

Introducing them to “dance therapy” through Dancing Hearts has brought about a remarkable change in the children. Whilst they struggled with the initial classes due to unfamiliarity and sensory stimulation they now look forward to the class each week. They talk of their “friends” and “hip hop” and demonstrate “moves” when they get home. It’s opened up a whole new world for them.

Liliana and her team of volunteers do an incredible job with the children and their care and passion is evidenced by the children’s joy of dance.”

Ruth Pilkington

“My son, Daniel aged 10, and I have for the past 18 months been attending a dance class at Dancing Hearts Studio Inc at Five Dock. Daniel is a very energetic boy with a diagnosis of severe Autism and intellectual disability. I need to participate fully in the dance class to keep Daniel on task and involved.

In the time we have attended Dancing Hearts Studio Inc, I have been impressed with Liliana’s broad knowledge of dance, commitment of time and energy and connection with her young dancers. It has been lovely to observe each child develop their skills in dance as well as working co-operatively with one another under Liliana’s guidance.

Daniel may be non-verbal but every time I tell him it’s Thursday and we’ll be seeing “Liliana for dancing”, he smiles broadly and gives me a lovely deep dance bow. I am very grateful to Liliana for giving my son and I this experience that has become a highlight of each week.”
Charmaine Ward

“My niece Sarah has been part of dancing hearts studio for 2 ½ years. Every Thursday Sarah is welcomed with open arms by Liliana and the volunteers at Dancing Hearts Studio Inc.

What I love about Liliana is that every dancer is important to her which encourages everyone, even the shy dancers. Liliana spends endless amounts of time on choreographing group and solo performances for her dancers to even include a singing opportunity for Sarah.

All of the year’s hard work is put together at the end of year concert which sees the most amazing dancers on stage having the time of their life performing on stage in front of a large audience.”

Emily Walton

“Dancing Hearts Studio is the highlight of our often exhausting week! Liliana, her team of volunteers, the dancers and their parents/carers always welcome us with open arms and big smiles.

Each week our daughter, Maia, is incredibly excited when we arrive, high-fiving her new friends before bopping to the music, shaking some maracas or twirling some ribbons with plenty of improvisation in between!

Many of the goals we set for Maia when she first began have already been achieved. And while the class is a chance for Maia to move her body and have fun with her friends, it has also given me a chance to meet some amazing parents.”

Shelley Phillips

“My daughter loves going to Dancing Hearts. Liliana responds to each dancer’s specific needs and their skills. I like that she is very calm and supportive of Hannah but also challenges her to grow in confidence. There is a wonderful family feel and the volunteers are also wonderful.

Last year was the first time that Hannah was part of the end of year concert. I was very proud to watch her participate and she came home so excited about it. For months afterwards whenever we drove by the venue (which is quite often!) she would light up and point it out and talk about the Dancing Hearts concert there.

This year she is already looking forward to another one and talks about practicing for it all the time.”

Julie Yusuf

“My daughter is unable to form relationships with her peers and is extremely anxious due to her disability.

I wanted a recreational activity that would be fun and helpful. I received information about Dancing Heart studios and felt this would be an ideal opportunity for my daughter to interact with her peers and enjoy herself as she likes listening to music.

Since attending dance classes my daughter has gained confidence and is learning to cope with her anxieties as well as interacting with her peers in a positive and friendly environment.”